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Shangri-La is an Alliance guild on the Nagrand Oceanic server. Pronounced shang'gru-lä, it means an imaginary paradise on earth Azeroth, a remote and exotic utopia.

We are a friendly mature age, 10 man PvE raiding guild with a strong focus on hard mode progression. We have a dedicated team of experienced players who take their raiding seriously but also know how to have fun while enjoying the game with friends. During WotLK we defeated every boss in Northrend including 11/12 ICC Hard Modes and earning Glory of the Icecrown Raider.

If you have struggled with finding a guild that fits between the elitist raiders, the disorganised ‘wanna-be’s’ and those that are full of your kids and their friends, then be glad you have found your utopian guild, your Shangri-La.

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